TuxTips.info - Linux HowTos https://www.tuxtips.info Your source of Linux HowTos - concise and friendly tips for Linux users. en-us How to get Thunderbird new mail notification in i3 window manager https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/how-to-get-thunderbird-new-mail-notification-in-i3-window-manager Thunderbird is a great e-mail client, but what it lacks is a good unread mail notification. Why not do it yourself? How tu use Geany as a perfect note taking app https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/how-tu-use-geany-as-a-perfect-note-taking-app Geany is a great text editor and you can use it in many ways. I use it for coding, but also as a great note taking application. Let me show you how you can do it. USB printer not detected in Arch Linux https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/usb-printer-not-detected-in-arch-linux If you connect your printer to the PC via a USB port, you expect the printer to be detected by your system. It sometimes does not happen. Here is what to do if you are on Arch. Lightdm does not remember user's last used session https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/lightdm-does-not-remember-users-last-used-session If you have more than one user on you Linux machine, each user should be able to log in with the last selected session (XFCE, Gnome, Cinnamon, etc.). Sometimes the lightdm display manager loads the last session used by ANY of the users, which is not what we want. Lightdm not starting in Arch/EndeavourOS https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/lightdm-not-starting-in-archendeavouros After a fresh installation of Arch Linux or other Arch-based distro you sometimes see a black screen (possibly with an error message). a small change in the lightdm config file might solve the problem.