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Lightdm not starting in Arch/EndeavourOS

08 Feb 2021

This is the kind of thing that I notice after a fresh installation of Endeavour OS, but it may apply to Arch itself or any other Arch-based distribution. After a fresh install you reboot your computer and you see a black screen with blinking cursor or with an error message about lighdm (the display manager) not starting.

Some people find it so frustrating that they give up and install another system on their machine. There is, however, a possibility that a small change in the lighdm's config file could solve the problem. What do we do?

Just press Ctrl+Alt+F2 on your keyboard and you should see a prompt where you can enter your login (your username), then press Enter. Then you will be asked your password - fill it in (there will be no asterisks visible) and again press Enter. If you successfully logged in, you can go to the file in question and change it: just enter the following in the terminal:
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sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
You will probably be asked your password again - fill it in and hit Enter. You should see the contents of the configuration file for the lightdm display manager. Just find the line
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and change it into
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Now we should save the file - press Ctrl+o and hit Enter. you can exit the text editor by pressing Ctrl+x. you should be back in the command line, so it's time to reboot the computer - just enter
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and hit Enter. Your machine should now reboot and, if you're lucky, the display manager should start properly.
Tested on: Endeavour OS, Feb. 2021
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Steev1 year ago
I can't believe this small change really helped in the most ways possible, I have been trying for hours to get lightdm to automatically start and all it took was a small change to the config file. Archwiki didn't help, Stackoverflow didn't help but this helped a lot. Thank you so much <3

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