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Lightdm does not remember user's last used session

27 Jun 2021

The problem occurs when you have more than one user on your Linux computer and the users use different sessions, e.g. one uses XFCE, the other uses Cinnamon. The display manager should remember which session was used last time by particular users (this information is stored in the ~/.dmrc file. Sometimes Lightdm uses the last session selected by ANY user as the default, and loads it for all the users, which can be irritating (users should remember to manually select the proper session before loggin in).

This might be caused by Lightdm's theme. If you select Adwaita or Materia for your Lightdm, you may have the above problem. The simplest solution is to select a theme that respects the information stored in the .dmrc file. One of those themes (which I personally use) is Arc.

So, you can install the Arc GTK theme, on Arch-based distros:

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sudo pacman -S arc-gtk-theme

and if you have lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings installed, you can open it and select the Arc theme for Lightdm. That should solve the problem. If not, you can also try to install lightdm-slick-greeter and change the greeter-session variable in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to:

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Tested on: Arch, June 2021
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Stef6 months ago
I just filled a ticket. Nothing to do with the theme, I think.

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tuxtips2 years ago
UPDATE: I came across the situation again in July 2022 and the methods described above did not work. Maybe someone knows the solution - please share it here ;-)

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